Monday, February 4, 2013

Onward to Malekula

Hey family,

Didn't get a chance to e mail last time. So news...... I'm transferring! I was pretty shocked to hear. Like really shocked. I'll be going to the Tuluwe branch in Malekula island. The island gets it's name from when Captain Cook the explorer came and named it: "Pain in the a**" in french because of it's terrain and look. I'll be looking after 1 branch and 1 unit. It just got opened up to having it's own elders about 2 weeks ago. Before it was visited occasionally. My house will be like Gaua but more remote. Grass hut and a water pipe. The branch presidents family cooks for me until I get a stove. I'll be serving with Elder Tula from Etas branch. I know all his family. He got transferred from the Solomon Islands back to here.I'm being sent there to finish my mission .I get to be "Manbus" again. When I first heard, my first thought was Erakor. I love Erakor. Everything is going SO well. Such progress is being made. I had a day or 2 of being bummed and lots of thinking. I read 1 Nephi chapter 3 and it really identified with me. I will not murmur but I will do because I'm supposed to and I can because God said so. Pray for me and my Companion. I'm confident it'll be ok. My former and favorite companion, Elder Samuel is from this branch in malekula! It's his own small branch with his whole family and twin sister there. He was jumping up and down when he heard I was going. For the last few months already Elder Samuel's family had been making me some island baskets and mats to send to me when I left. I met his family once here in Vila, they are so awesome. Now it turns out I'll be going there myself. He's giving me the whole low down on everything. So off I go. Today was our Zone Leader Council. It was great as always and encouraged me. Today I spent my time preparing to go back into the bush. Bought a pocket knife, a light, and some other outdoor items. I'm excited to get back out there. President said I'm more well suited out in the bush with those people. So that's whats new with me. So this means I won't be doing any more withdrawls haha. Just one today for needed items before I go. Hoping I'll get my package before I'm out into the wild. Anyways love you all. Glad to report I CAN e mail there. Don't know too much about the island but it does have a place for it. That's it for now. Talk to you from the island.

eLdEr sEaRs

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