Monday, January 30, 2012

Inviting the Spirit through the Book of Mormon

So now i'm being better about writing in my journal so i'll just share
snipets from each day in my letters.
Monday - Errands. Famle Haos Naet. FHE at the Saksak's house. It's the
1st counselor of the branch with his son, The clerk, and 2
missionaries with their call waiting to go. It was great. We read the
story of Helaman and the 2,000 stripling warriors. I liked reading
what made them so great. They were 100% honest and obedient. They
learned well from their mothers and wanted to protect their fathers.
It was great to read about these young men because a bunch of them
were there to do it with us. Also something cool happened at the end.
One of their uncles, Harry was there. He's an old man who uses
crutches because one of his legs was amputated. He comes to church
every week. During the lesson I sat and thought about him and felt
compassion and wanted a way I could help somehow. At the end we were
about to leave when he asked for a blessing because of his sore neck.
I was glad to do it. He is making me a CTR ring right now with melted
australian money and a CTR logo.
Tuesday - RAIN. This full week is constant raining. Our clothes were
totally soaked through haha. Our member present kept singing the part
in "Praise to the Man" where it says "sacrifice brings forth the
blessings of heaven". Decent day. My favorite lesson was with Erik, a
recent convert. We read in Alma 22 about King Lamoni and Aaron. I like
it because it shows the power of the priesthood and missionary work and
especially teaching with the spirit. I want investigators like him,
who would give everything they possesed and give away all their sins
to recieve eternal life. Also today in Tagabe a massive downpour
started. We took shelter with some other people under a the copper
roof. I was feeling anxious to waste time. I prayed in my head for the
rain to stop and to still have a successful day. Almost immediately the
rain stopped. Then I thought about the part of my patriarchal blessing
that says you will see miracles on your mission.
Wednesday - We taught Moses! But first we taught Lucy out in Plantina.
It was a good lesson about prayer. We read the story of Enos and his
wrestle for forgivness. I love his example of prayer. Also we went up
to Rango Rango and Emile, the husband wasn't there but we read the
Family: Proclamation with her and the kids. They're great converts.
They are a long ways away from the chapel but they come every week.
After Maripol talked about how glad she is that they joined the church
and how much they've been blessed and changed. Ok, now onto Moses.
He's the chief of a nearby village called MCI. He was super interested
and very bible savvy. He wanted enough time to pray and read the Book
of Mormon before our next appointment. Elder Whitney's down in the
dumps because he's going from one threesome to the next and our 3rd
companion. Trying to help him out.
Thursday - We taught Amos! First we went to John a recent convert who
is more or less a less active already, he came to church to be
confirmed. We read Alma 47 about Lehonti and Amalickiah's trickery.
Then compared it to satan tempting us and how after many try's and
lying and deciet Lehonti died. It's a good eye opener. After had a
good discussion. Also taught Lembunu. She's well already from her
sick. Also went out to Roger and Candie and Marcella again. Great
lesson about the Plan of Salvation. Used lots of verses from the Book
of Mormon. They're very sincere and kind and love us to death and we
always have a blast there but...... they're strong catholic and they
have an altar thingy in their yard. We'll see what happens. After we
taught Amos. He was a referral from Carlo, a RM. He is really good and
has good questions. A mission is so demanding mentally. My mind feels
like it never has a break.
Friday - Busy day. We went up to Rango Rango again and found
Kalsimpalo. After taught someone we contacted, Marie. 2 of her friends
were there. Great lesson. They were super interested and wanted a Book of
Mormon before we had given them one. We passed the 2 guys on to the
sisters. Read Mosiah 18 with Lembunu about Alma changing and baptising
many. Also talked about the baptismal covenant to prepare her. After
taught Franko. He's great. We taught him the Gospel of Jesus Chirst.
Good lesson. Set a date with him. After my favorite lesson of the
week, Beni. He's a recent-ish convert haha. He expressed some desire
to serve a mission. But then he got a girlfriend and..... yeah. Our
branch mission leader, Harry asked us to go see him. We read verses
from Alma 26 with him about Ammon's feelings, experiences, and
thoughts on his missionary work. Awesome lesson. I love this chapter.
It shows how glad missionary work can be and some trials. I bore a
strong testimony of the work. He said he had something to talk to me
about on sunday.
Saturday - Happy B-day elda whitney. Baptised Lembunu today :). She's
really sweet. I'm worried a little about support though because it's
just her in the family. The young women here are great, they should be
able to help. Starting a few minutes before the baptismal service it
started to rain really hard and through the talks. As I got changed
into my white clothes before I prayed that the rain would stop to
allow the baptism to happen. After the last talk and before we went
out the rain completely stopped until we were going back into the
chapel after the baptism. Also contacted a girl named Elizabeth. She
was great too and wondered why so many people worshiped only at
church. She talked about joining the church already. Also taught Sam
again. He's awesome. He's 17 and a great listener. He's really
interested and humble. Amos had good questions again. Lastly, Moses.
Planned to teach the Plan but ended up talking about the Priesthood.
Sunday - The end of a succesful week. Church was great. Esron Vano
taught about the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden and in Lehi's
dream. He was a great missionary and is so knowledgable and speaks
with the power of the spirit. Saksak also gave a good lesson about
applying lessons we learn in church into our lives. Taught sam again,
good as always. Also taught Carlos, who was baptised last week. He's
so great. Great convert. Read the story of Alma again and covenants
and he totally grasps the seriousness of it. Also taught elizabeth,
very clear and good lesson. My favorite though was Beni. We didn't
teach him but he came up to me and said he had met with the branch
president that morning. He had confessed and wanted to repent and
change. He seemed glad too. Reminded me of one of my all time favorite
scriptures that helps me to be humble and talks about this what
happened. Alma 29:9.

I really liked this week because of how much we read the Book of
Mormon with people. It invites the spirit so well and is just plain
entertaining. It's so important for them to read this book.

Aright gotta go, love you lots!

Ale wan taem!

Elda Sia

Sunday, January 22, 2012

It just gets better and better- news from Etas

 I Olraet?

This area is awesome! Busy. Very big. The best part is the members.
They're really strong and they like to help. Our branch mission leader
is great too. Also a RM who finished right when I got into Fiji, Esron
Vano moved into blacksands and is going to church with us. He's like
the legend from the mission. He's from PaamaVanuatu. The youth are
the best. We haven't had a single lesson without a member present yet
haha. They love to follow us, sometimes in groups. We had 2 baptisms
this week, Gidimo, and Carlos. They're both really awesome. I did
Gidimo's and a prospective missionary did Carlos's. After Freddy
baptised him he said "Welcome to Zion" haha awesome. I like my new
companion Elda Whitney a lot. He's from Brisbane, Australia. We get
along really well. Elda Anderson just got here yesterday. 
 So this week was really good lesson wise. I've
surpassed it number wise before but every lesson was really good. Elda
Whitney and I had a good flow going. Also we got better at making them
discussions, not lectures. We contacted some referrals and received
some as well. 13 new investigators this week. We went and taught a man
named Roger and his wife Candy and his mom. We taught the restoration
and it went really well. Before they had come and found us on the road to
ask us questions. They asked us some interesting ones but it ended up
really well. At the end his brother, lorenzo came over skeptical. He
started asking us questions about heaven and hell and paradise. We
explained that it would take a bit to explain if they were willing.
After explaining everything and sharing some verses with him he was
confounded for lack of another term. He was on the offensive but we
just followed the spirit and shared truth. The spirit is amazing. All
the lessons have been really good. Lily and Suzana, 2 we contacted
were so nice and want us to come a lot more. It's so nice here. Because
of the help we don't have to do our own street contacting as much. We
just get referrals of people the members know are good. The house is
small but has everything I need. Ice box microwave and hot shower!!!
Sorry for the withdrawals, I bought a new set of scriptures and bought
them not in combo form. We walked up to rango rango this week. Took
just about 3 hours and we didn't find our appointment at the house or
any of our backups. It was scenic though. It's up on a mountain and
very rain foresty with big pastures at the bottom of it. Also had some
natural springs that I drank from. 150 people came to church
yesterday! So awesome. I taught elders quorum because the teacher
didn't show up. Anyways, random ,but it was a good week! Thanks for all
the packages! I felt really loved opening them. Thank you so much for
the support. Love you all.

Elda Sias


Monday, January 16, 2012

Memories of Gaua

                                                      Baptism of Jeremy and Dustin
                                                   Me with District President Ian Mahit

                                            Norbert with his white spot medication and buffness

                                                       Vincent climbing for coconuts
                                                  Clearing the ground for the new chapel

 We bought 8 kilos of meat, put it in a cooler and preserved it with salt.  It worked!  We ate meat until we left....

                                                               Me, feeding  a cow bananas

                                                             Joji, Vincent and Nixon
                                                                  Mashing breadfruit
                                    Getting some natural spring water on our hike to the lake

                                         Swinging on a vine  at the lake-  not into the lake, haha
                                                  Our investigator Josef and his daughter

On to Blacksands....

Ok so news again. Turns out I won't be serving in Etas and I won't be staying with Elda Bacon. Etas will go to 2 different ones and Elda Bacon will be training in Palon, my first area. I will be serving in another area here in vila called Blacksands. I'm stoked. Etas is good but this is....... better haha. It's the highest baptizing branch in Vanuatu. Thats because it has branch mission leaders and meetings and everything. So awesome! It's the strongest branch of the church here. Our house is in a huge grass field with the way nice chapel on it and........ the basketball court! I get to shoot hoops now for my exercise every morning. This is probably the most succesful and busy area. Oh yeah haha. BUT, theres more. I haven't found out for sure how it's going to turn out companion wise but it's going to be a threesome. Me, Elda Anderson, and either Elda Whitney or Hubbard. I was in line to train again but president had other things in mind. He wanted to try me with Elda Anderson. He is an missionary from Santo.One other will be joining me to help out a little. Elda Anderson has over a year on the mission and the other 2 possibles are new. I'm going to be the senior companion . I do feel good that president trusts me in this assignment.  Pray for me to be able to lead this companionship in a MASSIVE area. Very excited.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012



I get to e mail again yay! Ok so I guess your probably wondering why I am e mailing right now. Because Elda Bacon and I just got transferred. Basically President Klingler has set a new standard for missionary housing and he determined our house/living was inhumane more or less haha. He told the Senior zone leaders that he wouldn't send his sons out there so he won't send his missionaries there. He is really great and really cares about us. I sure hope they can get a house built out there soon because Gaua needs missionaries. So as for us we are going to serve in Etas. Which is an area in Port Vila AKA civilization! I'm very sad to be leaving Gaua but I feel very lucky to be going to Etas. It's a pretty coveted area. This area is one of the two area's of the Senior zone leaders. Because of their increasing busyness with the increase in missionaries here they don't have enough time for both area's so we get Etas :). We'll be going to stay with all the missionaries (The homies) staying in the huge house in Mele. It's going to be a blast. It was sad leaving Gaua. Mama Veka, the mom who we lived with was absolutely bawling. She is so incredible, she looked after us like we were her own children. Said goodbye to all our friends and converts. One of them, Jeremy came to the airport to chill with us and see us off. At the end of the month President Mahit will be coming again to set up the Branch presidency, that will help. Pray for them, I will be. It's going to be way weird going to vila. Every time I go there it doesn't even seem real and it feels like I'm in New York City, culture shock. So this week we've been preparing to move out and transfer so there's been lots of time to reflect. I'm over 7 months, going for 8. Weird. I feel like I've grown a lot but no where near where I'd like to be. I love being on a mission. Very tiring and trying. So eye opening. I feel like I have a perspective I didn't have enough of before. My testimony has grown so much. Yesterday I was studying and I got into a study about gifts of the spirit. I read 1 corinthians 12-14, Doctrine and Covenants 46 and Moroni 10. They list all of them and their purposes. Very eye opening. We all have our strenghts and weaknesses. If we want to overcome weaknesses we try for a gift of the spirit that helps us come out of that. I read my patriarchial blessing after. In 1 corinthians 13:13 I think? it says charity is the greatest of all. After reading that and my blessing I am so glad that heavenly father gave that to me. Now I just feel I want to enhance it so much more. Right now I'm really trying hard to be as humble and loving to others as possible. I see that helping me now more than anything. Gave my last talk on sunday and I decided to talk about prayer. To end it I talked about my experience in the temple when the spirit whispered to me "i love you and i will protect you", after I shared how that same day my dad had prayed for comfort about his mothers recent passing. After the spirit led him to the scriptures for his answer. I'm really glad I get to stay with Elda Bacon. We get along so well. We're buds fo-sho. I LIKE HIM A LOT. (dumb and dumber accent) So with the new area happening I'm again praying for help learning an area, join me if you would. Anyways sorry if this ones devoid of lots of stories but luckily you'll be hearing from me every week again. And..... I'll be eating meat! gain weight? anyways love you all and thank you so much for writing and everything.

Elda Sia