Monday, February 4, 2013

Bas Metavarin! ( Good morning here in Northwest Malekula)

Dear Family,

Bas metavarin!. (good morning here in Northwest Malekula). It’s 9:14 and we’re here in Lakatoro town. This morning Elder Tula and I were sleeping when President Nori woke us up before  6 and told us he stopped a truck for us. We put some clothes on and jumped in the back of the truck with lots of others and the bananas. My area is awesome. We serve in Tulwe branch and we also look after a unit called Leviamp. It’s about a 90 minute walk. Missionaries are very needed here. Attendance this week was 19 at the branch and 18 at the unit. That’s everyone coming. The church is here only for these few faithful families. I hope we can bring some more in. When I came we had one investigator. Now we have a few but this week we’ll be finding some more. I fasted for that purpose. We live here with the branch president and his family. I love them. They are so fun. They remind me of family Saaki in Gaua. We live in a house entirely made of bamboo. We have a small pipe that runs to the river that we bathe in. We don’t own any cooking materials or stove. We eat with the family morning, lunch, and dinner. We buy food on P day and go put it in their kitchen. I told mama Margret that if it was too much of a burden we could get a stove and cook for ourselves. She explained she has 2 kids away at school so we’re simply taking their places. We’ve a part of the family. I call Mark or President, Papa and Margret, Mama. Elder Tula and I are doing great. We get along so well and joke around a lot. I’ve learned pretty well the traits and attitudes here. What’s mine is yours. If you like mine, you can have it. He’s a really good teacher and we’ve had some good chats. We’re just waiting for the Land Cruiser for Malekula to come. The others will use it but they’ll be putting my make-shift weight set inside of it for us 2. We’ll be doing some intense work outs. Elder Tula is huge. I feel totally safe with him haha. He looks like a warrior. I call him Captain Moroni sometimes. We’ve been eating lots of Laplap Sorsor (Malekula’s main food). They scratch either banana, taro, manyoak, or wael-yam into a pudding. Then they bake it with hot stones. In the middle they make a big hole and fill it with coconut milk for dipping the food in. I eat very well and am gaining weight. I eat entirely food from the garden. Anyways that a small update for you. Thanks for everything.


Elder Sears

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