Monday, February 4, 2013

Just landed in Malekula....

Hey family,

Hello from Malekula! So I just landed here and we went straight into "town" here in Lakatoro because it's P day. It feels good/different to be back on the island. I'm just excited to get to my house and area and unpack. It was hard saying goodbye to Erakor. I love the people there. That branch has such potential and will continue to become better. When they heard I was going I was surprised, I didn't serve there long but I made some really good friends. Alan and his family made me a "last kakae" or meal. They made a HUGE laplap sorsor in my honor (malekula dish). It's vegetables (taro) grated on a grater then baked on a stone with chicken meat in there. When it's done you pick up the hot stones with grabbers. Maxai and Tuman was a hard goodbye. We had one last lesson with them yesterday and as I shook hands with him he hugged me for a good while. This morning he called me as I got on the plane and told me that "God is with me". I also got to see Aline again this morning, my recent convert from Etas. She is epic. She's 21, and the institute teacher. She texted last night to ask if we could come teach her again. We taught her and went straight to the airport this morning. She is awesome, just needed some encouragement to be strong. She'll start filling up her forms in July once she has her 1 year membership. Anways that's all thats new. Not settled yet. Next week I'm sure I'll have more to say. Love you all. Pray for me and Elder Tula.

Elder Sears

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