Sunday, February 10, 2013


Thanks for the letters. Sounds like you guys are well and happy. I always enjoy hearing about you guys. Sierra, you're epic. Keep preparing for your patriarchal blessing, it will help you so much. Thank you so much for encouraging your friends. It is a part of the covenant we made at baptism, (Mosiah 18:8-10). It's weird picturing myself coming back. There are so many things I can't remember. It will be a big shock seeing failure things. This week wasn't great. On Monday we came down to town for P-day. I ate 2 plates at the House Market stalls. Monday night after family home evening I started getting sick. Tuesday I was very ill. I finally got cleaned out a bit and that afternoon we went and taught 2 lessons in the late aftternoon. Elder Tula got Malaria. He was sick friday through sunday. Yesterday after church he got extreme chills and was shaking badly. We found a transport and went to the hospital to get him checked up. All the other days we weren't sick we spent looking for people to teach. We're teaching one man named Walter and a young boy named Leslie. Here in our area it's different. Everyone gets up around 5 and heads to the garden where they stay all day till around 4 or 5 in the afternoon. They come back and eat and chat and sleep around 8 or 9. They days we weren't sick we spent walking around aimlessly trying to find anyone. The villages are so quiet like ghost towns. We're struggling to find people to teach. The branch and unit we look after are small with very few members, only a few families. We got a volleyball net and ball to put up by the church. They like to play in the afternoon. Hopefully we'll find some. This week we'll proselyte one day before going to Santo for zone conference. I spent most of my time this week reading. I'm reading the manual "church history in the fulness of times". It's such an epic book. I've learned so much about church history and awesome stories. I read a lot about the foundation of the state of Utah and building of Salt Lake City. It made me grateful to live in such a historic place. Brigham Young is a man. It made me miss the place. Anyways thats all from me. I love the area though. Mostly just being with the members. Family Nori is my temporary family here.

Elder Sears

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