Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"Focus on the Good Side, because it's progress..."


How are things? I hope you guys are enjoying cold weather haha. It seems so foreign to think about. I saw that picture of Elder Yunack doing a snow angel. It blew me away. The snow looked so soft. I enjoyed the letters. I'm excited to get those books. I hope they come fast. Now that I'm on Malekula we'll have to wait for someone from Vila to come here with it or at next conference. As far as planning for my return, I think it would be best to get busy as soon as possible. Sister Brewer, the mission presidents' wife gave that advice. I'd like to start working and schooling fast but that doesn't rule out fun or trips. I for sure want to spend lots of time with you guys. I'm looking forward to a baseball trip with dad. I really want to get going with my education. Probably SLCC because of expenses:). The mission has taught me to take things more seriously. Lots of teachings from the Doctrine and Covenants have made me really want to learn more and educate myself, especially about the body.

As for Elder Tula and I in Malekula things are dandy. This past week we went to Zone Conference. It was nice having to not plan or do anything but the invocation. I watched the others busy while I ate lots of laplap. All we eat in our area every day is banana and they make it into "laplap sorsor". Guess what we ate at zone conference? Laplap banana! At first I was disappointed but when I saw them open them up I was happy again. Pounds of chicken and fish in the middle. I didn't eat any laplap, I think I ate a few kilo's of meat myself. I piled up the bones. Zone Conference was a bit of a replay for me. The highlight was being with the Elders. We slept at the Zone Leaders house. All the Elders would come to the house and we'd chat. I really got to know some of them I didn't know before. Elder McNeil from New Zealand. Elder Dilling - Canada. Elder Thurber - US. and Elder Poita, Maukura and Tangarasi from Vanuatu. Most of all my bud Elder Arnett from Arizona. He's a crack up. He's an aspiring Broadway singer. He's schooling at BYU Hawaii. We had some good chats and he gave me some advice for when I went back. It's weird how close it is. I still have lots of work to do here though. We kept quoting the words from the Kolipoki book: "I kept the Faith". We discussed short term goals and long term for when we got back. He's really goal oriented. He's put goals on his mission and worked and achieved them. I have goals but most seem spiritual. I really want to not lose the spirit when I get back. I don't want to stay the same as I am or go back in spirituality. I want to always be in progression. It'll be hard during schooling. I have a big desire to be righteous. My best experience was talking with all the Elders. Each one had different experiences, traits, and strengths. They are all at stages that I remember being at. For some reason I came away with an appreciation and love for all of them. Dad, I thought of you talking about "The day that I loved everyone" on your mission. I would listen to them talk and I would see good things in them and their good hearts. I feel like a big thing I've learned is to look at the good side of people. President Brewer once told me "Focus on the good side, because it's progress". Everyone had weaknesses or negative things but look at the positives even if they're few. I've really learned not to be judgemental. Being Judgemental is very weak. That's whats helped Elder Tula and I to be such a success. We're great buds. We get along well . He's a great teacher. I feel the spirit when he speaks of the gospel. I just hope we get some more success to occupy our minds. I've been thinking a lot lately of the verse in Romans 1:16, "I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ". I've been using that as my motivation as I talk to others here. I've developed a "who cares?" thinking. If they accept, great, if not, their choice. We're planning a fireside here. No one here has seen "The other side of heaven". I've seen watching it here with them  and 100% of the time it has a profound influence on them. Anyways that's all.

PS I got a small package with the shirt/wallet.

Elder Sears

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