Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Malekula- A beautiful place with lots of rivers and coconut plantations."

Dear Family,

Thanks for your letters. It took a whole minute to read them haha. Thanks for the quotes from the "Kolipoki" book, I look forward to reading it. Looks like I will no longer be alone in the basement with Sierra's and my bedroom downstairs. Let her know that she can enjoy using the bathroom until I get back when it become's my Personal Bathroom. She'll get used to seeing Dad and I watching baseball.
As for me, I'm really good. I'm having good experiences with my surroundings and my companion, Elder Tula. I'm also enjoying reading The Articles of Faith by James E. Talmage. Such a great book. Especially the chapters on the Book of Mormon about the Ancient inhabitants of America. I'm also about to finish the Book of Mormon in my own studying again. I plan on reading the New Testament again. I really love my area. It's such a beautiful place. Lots of rivers and Coconut plantations. This week we spent a lot of time in Leviamp, a unit organised in our area. They're good members but a little unorganised after their unit leader moved to Port Vila. Yesterday we had FHE combined with members from 3 familes. I think it was the first time in years or even the very first time missionaries did that with them. I gave the message about Example. We read Alma 23:6-7 + 24:21-27 about the people of Ammon. They were converted to such a point that they surrendered empty handed to death even calling the name of their Heavenly Father while dying. Their expample helped more be converted than were killed. Elder Tula did an activity that I'll have to show you when I get back. It's taking a paper and tearing it only once to make a cross. It takes the story of Nephi's family until he came and taught the Nephites.
Unfortunately, missionary work is still sluggish. Contacting and asking Referrals hasn't worked out yet. We have a fireside planned this coming sunday and the next at the branch and the unit. We'll watch the Restoration dvd and after kolipoki. All the members will be inviting thier friends and family. We've been trying first to strengthen the neglected members before we can bring anyone into the branch. We've been doing some service and are constantly looking for more. We wield the "Bush knife". It's kind of funny/annoying, everyone here calls me "Derel". That means white man in language of Northwest Malekula. Custom is pretty strong here. The area here is nicknamed "big nambas". It's the area notoriously known for being the center of cannibalism. Some from those generations are still living haha. In this area when a parents child is married, the parents  cannot communicate whatsoever with their childs spouse. If they want to, they pass it through a little kid. Sometimes it can be an obstacle. Elder Tula calls me "Tuwo". That means brother in his language of Paama.
Now, a funny one. The other day I was in the house reading. As I was reading I hear the sound of someone coming inside. I assumed it was Elder Tula. I had a weird feeling and glanced up and saw a huge cow in my house! You must understand our house is probably the size of a sports boat and it's lifted 2 feet above the ground and made of bamboo. He didn't just have 2 legs and his head in but his whole body all the way to the end of the house. I yelled and he ran outside the small opened door.
Also, on another note, last week on my birthday we celebrated it here with the family. We watched 17 miracles/Labor of love and they even made cake and sang "Happy birthday/Happy Long life". So that's pretty much all for now. I'm content with my area and companion but..... we need more investigators! I'm kind of amazed how in my now 1 month here we haven't been able to find one. We contact people and come when they say and they'll push it back forever. I hope it'll get better. Anyways, Love you all.

Elder Sears

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