Monday, February 27, 2012

Ok news.... drum roll please...I'm going, going, back, back , to Gaua, ,Gaua!

So..... news again! Just got here to blacksands it feels, but news has
come again. I think I'll make you wait first. So this week has been
pretty good. Challenging at times. Some good lessons. One of my
favorites was with Lorenzo and Roger. We went out to their house and
taught about following the prophet. We read Ephesians 2:20 and then I
got out my ensign that had the first presidency, quorum of the 12, and
the seventies on it. They were super interested and asked so many good
questions. They wanted to know more about President Monson. They asked
where they could find his teachings. They also wanted to know about
his life. I explained some things to them and they want to watch
general conference next time. I had studied about prophets that
morning and it really helped. I felt very guided by the spirit. After
the lesson, him mom Marcella came up to me. She showed me this energy
drink powder and asked if it was ok to drink looking at me as if I
were some sort of wise man haha. I was also sick a little on
wednesday. We had a lot of appointments so we went anyways but I felt
really weak, especially hiking up the mountain in Rango rango. Our
last lesson we taught up there was the best, with the Taleo family.
They are recent converts. In the other lessons that day my weakness I
feel was holding me back. The spirit really invigorated me in this
lesson. We read 2 nephi 4 or the "psalm of nephi". I really like
nephi's comments here. Even nephi of all people felt guilt and shame
for sin. But then he snapped out of it, realized, and trusted the
savior. I taught about the power of the atonement not only to overcome
sin but any other kind of hardship. They were clearly touched and once
again maripol shared her gladness for joining the church. After that
they said their next door neighbor requested a blessing. We went over
with Joe Gila, our member present. Joe did the anointing and I gave
the blessing. I love giving blessings. I had read a talk from
President Monson that morning about the power of the priesthood. After
the blessing it was quiet and reverant and the spirit was strong.
After all seemed to be looking at me. After another neighbor of theirs
who had watched asked me a bunch of questions with very big interest.
In my peripheral vision I could see he didn't take his eyes off me.
The priesthood is real. That day I saw my own weakness, and power was
given to me that was not my own. Joe, who was following us to teach,
the branch presidents son had been limping a bit from a soccer injury
the other day. He said his foot felt fine now after the blessing and I
felt a lot better as well. Also taught Amos again. He's a good guy,
very genuine. We taught him about the word of wisdom and the law of
chastity. At first he didn't understand the word of wisdom, coffee in
particular. After we explained to him he said more or less that he got
it, they were just using all of those things wrong and that they
werent' for the body. Saw Aru as well. He's a strong SDA. We taught a
good lesson about the importance of the Sabbath day. Of course he
started getting into the sabbath or saturday or sunday thing. After I
read 2 verses from the bible and he took it very well. I think because
we answered humbly he accepted it. He wants to come to church next
week. Also went and taught this lady named Elsie. She got baptised in
Australia and then came back here after her work was finished. It
looks as if he agreed to satisfy the missionaries. She came back and
started teaching a bible study class in a church close to her. We had
a good chat with her and after we went to the Book of Mormon. We read
Mosiah 18 and focused on the baptismal covenant. She liked it a lot.
After she went a little weird. She said that she kept prophecying
things and then they were happening. There was a building here in Vila
that burnt down a few months ago. She said she prophecied that would
happen haha. The highlight of the week was my interview with President
Klingler and Zone Conference. We had a good long interview. We talked
a lot about how to help my companion. He's such a good leader and he
really loves us. He said he has very big confidence in me and needs
me. I've heard that he likes me a lot which I was glad to hear. Zone
Conference was great as always. President Klingler stressed Obedience.
He said we as missionaries are able to learn this faster than anyone
because of the instant blessings that follow (the spirit). I was glad
to hear this because I've really been worrying about some of our
missionaries who don't realize the importance of it. Missionaries who
are partly obedient through their missions will come back learning a
part of what they could have learned or experiencing part of what they
could have. I'm not perfect but I really am striving with a willing

Ok news............. drum roll please....................................
I'm going, going, back, back,
to Gaua, Gaua!
haha suprise! I was way suprised to hear. President wants me to go
re-open Gaua and train again. Headed out monday I think? I'm pretty
stoked. We have some baptisms that weren't able to happen and I
haven't forgotten anyone at all over there. Now I get to go and see
the new branch, with it's new branch president and see the new chapel
coming in. I am way excited to go back. One of our investigators from
Gaua, Lydia came to church in blacksands on sunday because she found
out I was here. We had a good chat and she said she should have gone
back already but didn't have enough money. She didn't ask but I gave
her 2000 vatu to help out. She said everyone there misses us so much
and were so sad when we left. Norbert wouldn't eat. Mama Veka cried
all night. She said I hope you or Elder Bacon can come back some day.
I also saw the other Lydia from Gaua here at church on saturday. She's
the former branch presidents sister and mother of Michelle :). She
said she'd be going back and said the same things. They need
missionares again. Stoked to go back. They said I have to get there
and find us housing haha. Should be an adventure. Learned some great
things here that I can take back there. Sister Klingler talked about
the impression we leave in our areas. I have a chance to leave a big

Elder Sears

Monday, February 20, 2012

Announcement of the new Vanuatu Port Vila Mission


To: All Full-time Missionaries of the Fiji Suva Mission

From: President Kenneth D. Klingler

Date: February 11, 2012

Re: Changes in the Fiji Suva Mission

The First Presidency has approved and will be announcing in the Church News on the 18th of February that effective on or about July 1, 2012 a new mission will be created which will affect our mission. I have received permission to notify all missionaries on or after February 11th. Please do not notify anyone else about this until after February 18th. The name of the new mission is the Vanuatu Port Vila Mission. The following member districts will be a part of this new mission:

 Port Vila Vanuatu District

 Luganville Vanuatu District

 Malekula Vanuatu District

 Noumea New Caledonia District

 Honiara Solomon Islands District

As a result of this change, all full-time missionaries serving in Vanuatu and New Caledonia will be changed from the Fiji Suva Mission to the Vanuatu Port Vila Mission. In addition, all full-time missionaries serving in the Solomon Islands will be changed from the Papua New Guinea Port Moresby Mission to the Vanuatu Port Vila Mission.

By creating this new mission, three mission presidents will be able to serve where two have served previously. This should allow for more personal attention to be given to each missionary and each member district currently included in the Fiji Suva Mission and the Papua New Guinea Port Moresby Mission. In addition, this will allow the Church to assign more missionaries to serve in this part of the Lord’s kingdom. All of these changes are intended to strengthen the missionary efforts and the church membership as this area continues to grow in the gospel. We have been told that our assignment will continue to be with the Fiji Suva Mission. The name of the new mission president for the Vanuatu Port Vila Mission will be announced soon and we will get that information to you as soon as we know it.

Sister Klingler and I are very excited for this progress to help the members and missionaries have closer contact and more ministering from the mission president and his wife in each of these missions. We are saddened to think that we will be losing the opportunity to work closely with the great missionaries and members currently serving in Vanuatu and New Caledonia. We look forward to our association over the next few months and will treasure those times. We also look forward to the closer working relationship we will be able to build after July 1
st with the members and missionaries remaining in the Fiji Suva Mission. We rejoice with you all in the gospel of Jesus Christ!

February 19th, 2011

Just bits and pieces from my journal -
Finally got to see Lily again. She's so great and she has the cutest
twin girls. After our discussion about the plan of salvation she
thanked us numerous times for coming and she said she really likes
when we come and teach her and wants us to continue to come. Goodbye
Elder Whitney :(. Man I love that guy. He was glad to go see his
family for a bit and be healed of his constant sickness. He said
someday he'll most definitely have to come visit and stay with us. A
less likely trip to germany is planned as well haha. We taught John
twice this week. The second time was pretty fun.
 I read John 10:16.
Then I talked about and bore testimony of the savior manifesting
himself in the americas and read 3 nephi 15:21. It was super quiet
after this and the spirt was strong. They all got a witness that it
was true.. After we went and taught Lorenzo again.
He's a way cool guy and he has a super nice house! It felt ALMOST
american. He's catholic and reads in french. He's heard bits and
pieces of our lessons with Roger and Candie so we put a time to just
answer some of his questions and get him caught up. He's been reading
the Book of Mormon pretty solidly. We went and taught the basics of
the restoration. He's been reading his Bislama copy and he asked for
one in french next time. I really liked that lesson. Very clear and
the spirit confirmed everything. He wrote down every verse we shared.
 Sunday was the best day of the
week for sure. All week we had been really focusing on the
investigators we have now. Saw them a bunch but most of them aren't
ready and aren't progressing. Today the branch stepped up and helped
us out big time. We got a bunch of new people to teach and got 5 new
investigators today. The first were Simeon and Gigi, two brothers who
had come to church. We talked to them for a bit and they're awesome. I
like simeon a lot. We taught him and he asked great questions and was
very interested. After that we went and taught Elizabeth, Mandella,
and Anna. Our sunday school president had invited the first 2 to come
to church forever ago but finally came. They definitely liked what
they saw. They're brother and sister and they're about 20 something.
When we went to their house that evening and taught the restoration
they were golden. They wanted us to come back every day this week and
baptise them on saturday haha. And they honestly don't seem like it's
just a phase but really wanting to be converted. Elizabeth talked a
lot about some changes she made in her life and a near death
experience and her prayers that saved her life. They really are
golden. Anna is their aunt and neighbor. She had come to church before
and loved it. She said she and her husband saw huge blessings when
they started coming to this church. After she had some hard times and
temptations and didn't feel worthy to come inside because she saw it
as holy. We talked with her for a long while and she was so pumped
about coming for good this time and bringing her husband. They really
are prepared and ready to change their lives. As eager as they are
we'll definitely give them time to hear all of the lessons and come to
church more and be fully prepared. I'm stoked about their enthusiasum
though! Also another baptism this week for Franko. He's such a funny
kid and a great kid. I performed his confirmation. I love confirming
people. I always feel the spirt really strong. He should be getting
the priesthood and passing the sacrament here in a bit. Also had a
good time getting to know the clerk here, Edmond Saksak. He's a great
guy. He does translation from english to bislama whenever conference comes.
He served in the Phillipines. Great mission stories and one from his
family. He met Richard G. Scott in Fiji. He talked with him for a bit
and at the time Saksak was the only member in his family. Elder Scott
said"While you are on your mission your whole family will join the church" and he
said to write him after. 2 months passed and it happened. He wrote him
and he hadn't forgotten, he got a reply as well. His dad is the 2nd
counselor in the branch and all the kids have or are currently or
about to serve a mission. They are going to the temple this year. What
blessing have you guys recieved? I hope lots I've prayed for you guys
a lot.

Elder Sears

Monday, February 13, 2012

February 12th, 2011


 So this week has been a little trying. Lots of people missing their appointments and very trying of my patience. Got some news this morning as well. Elder Whitney will be leaving me on wednesday. He's been having a really hard time with his asthma. All the time he doesn't have enough oxygen so he's very fatigued. He's going back on a medical release. His mission time will continue while he gets checked up at a legitimate doctor in Australia and likely transfers to a new mission because the climate was the thing affecting him along with the uncleanliness and smoke. Just the 2 of us now.  Thanks for the package! The contents were great! I ate very well on my birthday. Started with the blueberry pancakes in the morning and had the christmas dinner you sent me at night and also the cheesecake. I had something kinda lame happen on my B day though. The sisters gave us  a referral in blacksands. We went in there and asked around for a bit until we found where he lived. We got to his house and a woman and an old man were there. I asked if Lemai lived there. He said yes and asked how I got to this house. I said a little girl showed us here. He asked the name of the girl. I sensed something so I didn't say her name. He started getting upset and saying we were trespassing. I apologized calmly and he said we were being "un-christian". I apologised again and said we would leave. I asked if we could ever come back with his permission. He said ,"it's too late, you've already trespassed." so we left. The funny thing is he doesn't own that ground, no one owns ground here. Whatevs. Also this week I was feeling a bit discouraged. As we were walking I said a prayer in my head asking for a successful day or to be lead to someone. Not long after this  a small woman approached us and said "I'll come to church on sunday". Her name is Emi and she's a less active who was baptised in 2000. We didn't say much of anything but seeing us sparked something haha. She came to church on sunday and looked very happy. Also this week we started teaching a man named Santi. He's one of our investigators' dad. He is an interesting guy haha. He talked about a vision/dream he had in which he saw adam and eve and the dream told him to stop drinking kava and alchohol and using tobacco. Also this week we had another baptism. Sam Thomas Iwai. He's an awesome kid. He's 17. I love all our converts here. After the baptism we were just walking out when a woman approached us pleading for us to pray for her. We went and gave her a blessing of comfort and counsel. She said she had a devil? but from what some others said it sounds like she has a mental disorder. We went to go check on her yesterday but she's in the hospital. I hope we'll be able to help her out. Also, this week we had a branch activity. It was a "drama" . All the youth and elders quorum made skits. My favorite was the Elders quorum. Brother Garae played satan and he was tempting Papa saksak and Charles. Brother Garae wore baggy clothes and glasses and a beanie he looked way funny haha. Anyways besides those stories same as usual, just working hard and trying our best despite a hard week. Thanks for all the packages! If they're getting too expensive you can stop though  .FYI, check the church news on the 17th I believe? They will be announcing something thats very cool related to my mission. Can't say what it is,haha, I'll just let the suspense build.

Elda Sears

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Another really good week


Ok so this week I forgot my journal. So I don't know how great my letters gonna be. Also I spent a lot of time reading all the letters. Ok earthquake wise yeah there's been a bunch. No big ones though. The biggest one happened one night when we were sleeping. I woke up and was giddy and enjoyed the whole thing. Elda Whitney was quiet and Elda Anderson ran outside haha. I've felt quite a few this week but all small momentary ones. Our house is a ready made thing so it's not very stable so it shakes pretty well. We also had one on sunday during sunday school. It's been raining like crazy and windy as well but just barely cleared up. On some of the other islands there's some flooding going on. My best news to report this week comes from Gaua. I called Jansen last night. He was set apart as the new branch president. He was super glad to talk and the new branch is flourishing. When I first got there 20 something were coming. We got it up to 39 but he said 60-ish are coming now! Also, one of our awesome recent converts got called into the relief society presidency. Jeremy is still a stud as well. He said all of our converts are still coming and tons of our investigators as well. I didn't get to see as much success as I would have liked while being there but the fruits of Elder Bacon and my work is there. I felt so happy when I heard all of this and it was great to talk with some of my friends over there. As far as this week, another really good week. We should have had another baptism for Sam but I'm pretty sure he and I would have drowned in the ocean haha. We're teaching A LOT. Elder Warner took notice when I saw him on sunday. As far as the 3some  Elder Warner said we'll be together till next month. Oh yeah package wise. They said I had gotten a package but it was for someone else. Anyways gotta go
.Next week I'll be sure to bring my journal.

Elda Sias