Monday, August 29, 2011

August 28th, 20111

Hello family,

    So where do I start? So the other day we were walking out to a distant village. Here in Vanuatu there are over 100 languages so everyone says goodnight to you in their own language. A small boy was bathing under a pipe and he yelled out to me "aeyea". I was walking in front and deep in thought. After he said it again, then a third time. Then he was frustrated. "WAET MAN, AEYEA!" after I realized and laughed a little and responded. The kids here are so awesome. Except for the fact they all know of my fear of spiders. They love to bring the really big green ones and try to put them  on my shoulder. Next area I'll keep this under wraps. So this week young single adults from all the islands were flown in to have a week long conference. Last night was the concluding fireside. We were told the missionaries would  have a part to talk about the restoration. Elder Hilliman played the part of Joseph Smith and my part was the voice of Heavenly Father and the Savior. (I was chosen because of my deep authoritative voice haha). Also, they had a sports competition for soccer and basketball. I played on my area of Palon's team (in white shirt + tie) and we took 1st prize. Next week we'll be going to President Kelly's house to have a big feast to celebrate. So here the missionaries do just about everything because they have units and branches not stakes and wards (meaning the mission runs everything) Yesterday in sacrament meetingfor example we were asked, " Will you bless the sacrament?, will you give a talk? will you teach sunday school? haha so a little about fanafo, one of my 2 areas. It's a custom village. It's not as strict as it was before but before if you walked around it without  pants ( in loin cloths) , they would make you change or leave.  haha. Anyways next week I think I'll brainstorm about what to write before I come because I'm spending lots of time thinking.

Love you all,

Elda Sias

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