Sunday, August 21, 2011

Jansen's safe and sound...

Hello family all is well,
     So yeah I hadn't even heard about the earthquakes until I read your letter. Our phone got a warning to go to high ground for a tsunami but it was later recalled. No damage, same old same old haha. It was great reading your letters! Sounds like your having lots of fun. So over here it's getting better and better. My bislama has grown by leaps and bounds. I have a big desire now to try all new foods. Last night I ate turtle and it was really good. I also made chicken for the first time and plucked the feathers and cleaned it out and everything. Next week president klingler will come to vanuatu again and we'll be in town for a week. Looks like I'll be going to get some chinese.
     So I got my new companion yesterday but I haven't gotten to know him too much yet. He's a ni-van who went to serve in santa rosa california for 7 months and had to come back because of a back problem. He's really funny I think we'll get along well. So as for my 2 areas I love them. I love all the people especially. I've gotten pretty close with a lot of them. I love being out in the bush and I've embraced the lifestyle, hope I don't have to serve in town too much. Everything here is different. One of the biggest obstacles are the customs here. To get married you must literally buy the woman from the parents. It's really expensive so a lot of people just live together.
     I'm really enjoying this great opportunity. To share the restored gospel to a great people. Besides the food the biggest miracle is probably the language. Now I can converse and understand and read totally in bislama. I even think in it now haha. I knew before but my eyes have been opened to a lot of things. It's such a blessing to be able to know all that we know. To have a prophet to lead and guide us, to have the scriptures, to have the chance to talk with the all knowing father, and to have the saviors church on the earth again. We know everything we need to do to go back with our heavenly father, we just need to remember it at all times. I know that my heavenly father is looking out for me and has helped me so much. I read a quote from elder uchtdorf that I liked a lot. "we're incomplete, but he loves us completely, we're inperfect, but he loves us perfectly". Anyways better go, love you all very much.
         Elda Sias
         Jos blong
        Jisas Kraes
Blong ol lata dei sent

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