Monday, August 1, 2011

From Pioneer Day to Independence Day Vanuatu Style

Hey family,

Sorry I couldn't write you last week. Or yesterday. The internet was broken. I loved your letters! It made me reflect back on my trek experiences. A few days back it was sunday the 24th. It was childrens day here. (They have it figured out, fathers, mothers, and childrens day) But also none of the members here knew pioneer day, although they do celebrate it in Vila. With all the members we discussed the incredible sacrifice these members made. This was almost everyones first time hearing this. I had the great opportunity to sit down with one of our great investigators and talk in depth about this. In preach my gospel it says you learn while you teach if you have the spirit. As I bore witness of this I felt my gratitude grow for these brave members. So I just got news I'll most likely train in september. Wow haha. I better kick it into high gear. So this week I got lost for the 1st time. In palon all the roads are just paths through the jungle and it's quite hard to find your way at night. We had just made another exchange and we wandered for 2 hours before finding home. Also, I'm very glad celebration is over. It was basically a week long celebration of Vanuatu's independence. Everyone would go down every day all day so needless to say the work suffered a little. Anyways now I'll type the letter I wrote last week it's longer

Elda Sia

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