Monday, August 1, 2011

One Day in Vanuatu

So much of this letter is in response to Jansen's mom's many questions and request for him to describe a typical day as he knows it in Vanuatu...

Hey family,

Sorry I couldn't write you today but I decided to print out your letters and take time to reply. It's pretty crazy trying to learn this language, but I have recieved A LOT of help. (Thank you for your prayers again) Foodwise it is kindof a miracle huh? The other day I ate cow intestine. I hope I'm maintaning my weight, no way of checking really. Yes I do have a shower and flush toilet, but sometimes we run out of our collected rain water so we have to use the spicket outside. On our P day I go into Luganville and do errands and relax basically. As far as the blog picture no formal ones! Ni-van only haha. After reading everyones letters I'm quite humbled, I'm in no shortage of prayers in my behalf. Dad, your "I feel so alive" was the best. Be grateful you can swim! I decided I'll sing that line every morning as I step into the cold shower. So the average day. I'll get up at 6:30 and go swim (Thats how you say bathe or shower) After is personal study and companionship study, after we head out. We work till about 7 when everyone goes to bed to get up at 5 the next morning to go to the garden. The best part though is the commute. In fanafo it's half "bush" and half dirt road. In Palon it's all cattle coconuts and palm trees mixed with even thicker bush. Most of my time is spent trekking through the jungle. It's very hot and humid so i'm sweaty about 5 minutes after I've left the house in the morning haha. My pants are always rolled up and lately I've been wearing my flip flops I got here in town.
Ok first baptism. I'll start at the beginning of the day. So first thing in the morning, one of the members brought me a brand new pair of crocs. The day before I said his were cool so he went and bought me a pair. After our transport picked us up. (PS all our driving is standing up in the back of the truck bed through bush and dirt roads) We got there and had some time to kill so we went into one store since we were in town and I found gummy bears! next was the baptism. First I baptised a man named Dan and after a woman named Anson. After I kept thinking how awesome it felt to help someone recieve this lifesaving ordinance. After we headed out to go see one of our investigators named cristof. When we arrived, him and his stringband were about to practice for the competition at celebration. It became a performance for us and they even went and changed into their outfits. Him and his family have been taught for a long time but I'm glad to announce that him his wife and 2 of his children will be baptised on the 13th. As far as your question about the poverty here. Yes it is very impovrished but they just live off the land and build everything. They're quite content. Anways Im going to try to send pictures so I better go. Love you all so much and I'm glad to hear your having awesome experiences.

Elda Sia

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