Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August 8th

Sias family,

Hello! So where do I start? this week has been pretty good. My bislama has gotten so much better. I'm not there yet but I'll get it. I'm now to the point to where I pray, think, and converse in this language. Just a few formalities to fix. It's hard switching back now haha. So this week I ate the best meal ever. In town though. We went to a meeting here in Luganville and after us and all the branch presidents (bishops) went to eat chinese. I was grateful for this. I got a letter from Josh. It was really good, he had some really good insight on teaching a mostly Christian already population. I also got your letter too. That guy is awesome he's playing for the 2 best teams, heavenly fathers team and the detroit tigers haha jk. So I found something awesome in an ensign here. On the last page it had a painting of the draper temple overlooking the valley. I ripped it out and put it up on the wall promptly. I greatly regret not going through the salt lake temple before. Since it's P day I was watching a film about building it. This week my thoughts have been lead to how grateful I am to be on a mission. It really has opened my eyes to everything. Everything makes sense. This makes it much easier to share this message because it's a perfect message and can bless your life immeasurably if you allow it to. Ok advice: if you haven't already, read Jesus the Christ, amazing book. Also, I think back to the sabbath days of before. I was completing one step of a proper sabbath. Go to church. I wasn't making this day any different. This day belongs to heavenly father and is to rest and learn/ think about the savior. A good sabbath day makes for a good week. So business now, unfortunately I need to buy a new camera. The batteries run out fast when used for a camera and it's 880 vatu or $8.80 every time I buy one pair of batteries, I calculated the cost over 2 years and yeah. I ordered one through the mission president and he'll bring it to conference at the end of the month so I will be withdrawing money close to then. Anyways now we will chat, Ale family, love you all very much and thank you for the great letters and prayers on my behalf.

With love,
Elda Sias

PS Elda Waimini said to tell my family hello from him so, hello sias fam

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