Monday, September 5, 2011

September 4th, 2011

Hey family,

So this week has been pretty interesting. Well, first of all I went to my first Lavet. A Lavet is a custom celebration. This one was for a member who had just acquired his mustache. The custom here is when you start to grow facial hair you can't shave until someone of respect is chosen to shave you for the first time. After the razor is presented to you  you have to right to shave and youre a man ,haha. The other part was the purchasing of a woman. To get married  a man has to have to buy her first. The man and the father shook hands and he presented his big pile of taro, a pig, and his money. After this the woman came out of the fathers house with all her belongings destined to never return to her fathers house under custom. Another custom which is pretty interesting is in the village of Paama. If you get an injury you must hide it. If you don't and one of your uncles comes and sees it he'll destroy your house or things in it. This is out of disappointment and to show he cares a lot about your well being haha. Adding insult to injury. Afterwards we had a feast, It was pretty awesome! The next day we went to Marathai, a small village in Fanafo. When we got there the Chief Mowaes (Or more wise) was there. He came up to me and  it turns out he was a member and he had received the arronic priesthood! He came and listened to our lesson with one of our investigators, Kristof. Afterwards, he pulled me aside and thanked me in behalf of the US army. He asked that I would relay his desire to join them along with his son haha. He liked me a lot haha. Also we met a returned sister missionary at the house market (closest to fast food you'll get) She finished  her mission in 1999 and suprisingly still has herBislama! Also we met a very persistent jehovas witness missionary. That was pretty interesting haha. The biggest 2 religions I've seen are Jehovahs witnesses and SDA. The jehovas witness talked with us a little and went straight to adam and eve. Let's just say he got pretty crossed up in his words. Also this week we committed a boy to baptism. His name is Kenidi and he's about to turn 17. HE  and I hit it off really well and he's asked that I baptise him. I think I might be baptizing a future missionary. So this week was a training meeting with the mission president. He came here to Santo and we all stayed in a hotel close by. Training was really good and I ate fries! At this hotel Elda Potrie and I  met a man from Germany. He opened up a conversation with us. He's done lots of study into religion. We talked for a really long time and he shared how he almost died a few days back. Today we're going back to give him a Book of Mormon, we'll see what happens. I've thought about our discussion with him and I realize a lot of the words weren't mine. The spirit was teaching the both of us. So it looks as if I'll be training somewhere around next week! I'll be taking a new missionary from either the US, Vanuatu, or Papa New Guinea. Also I've been called as Clerk and 2nd counselor in the bishopric haha. I did all the tithing and fast offerings yesterday for the members. Also I was robbed today haha. I had just bought some orange juice here in town and as we were walking a man approached us. Without a word he reached for the juice. Out of instinct I pulled it back a little but he grabbed the plastic it was in and ripped it and ran off with my juice! haha. After I talked to a member and turns out he's mentally ill. After I went back to him again (holding my second bottle of juice of the day) and gave him 500 vatu. We've also started teaching a man named Toka. He's so awesome. He had never gone to church growing up so he has almost no background. We're teaching really basic principles but I can tell he's really liking it.He smiled really big and then after he reached for my juice again haha. So this week has been really good. I'm starting to learn how to teach with the spirit. I've felt it a lot this week. I can't think of a better feeling than sharing a message when you have the spirit. This because it can go straight to their heart. I was reading and i came to Moroni 7:48. I love verse 47 + 48 so much. Verse 48 has really helped me to gain the spirit. When you pray to have Christlike love and your heart is filled with compassion and concern you can really help them.  My heart is filled with gratitude for this great opportunity. This is such a great experience. Thank you so much for all your prayers.

Love you all so much,
Elda Sia

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