Wednesday, January 11, 2012



I get to e mail again yay! Ok so I guess your probably wondering why I am e mailing right now. Because Elda Bacon and I just got transferred. Basically President Klingler has set a new standard for missionary housing and he determined our house/living was inhumane more or less haha. He told the Senior zone leaders that he wouldn't send his sons out there so he won't send his missionaries there. He is really great and really cares about us. I sure hope they can get a house built out there soon because Gaua needs missionaries. So as for us we are going to serve in Etas. Which is an area in Port Vila AKA civilization! I'm very sad to be leaving Gaua but I feel very lucky to be going to Etas. It's a pretty coveted area. This area is one of the two area's of the Senior zone leaders. Because of their increasing busyness with the increase in missionaries here they don't have enough time for both area's so we get Etas :). We'll be going to stay with all the missionaries (The homies) staying in the huge house in Mele. It's going to be a blast. It was sad leaving Gaua. Mama Veka, the mom who we lived with was absolutely bawling. She is so incredible, she looked after us like we were her own children. Said goodbye to all our friends and converts. One of them, Jeremy came to the airport to chill with us and see us off. At the end of the month President Mahit will be coming again to set up the Branch presidency, that will help. Pray for them, I will be. It's going to be way weird going to vila. Every time I go there it doesn't even seem real and it feels like I'm in New York City, culture shock. So this week we've been preparing to move out and transfer so there's been lots of time to reflect. I'm over 7 months, going for 8. Weird. I feel like I've grown a lot but no where near where I'd like to be. I love being on a mission. Very tiring and trying. So eye opening. I feel like I have a perspective I didn't have enough of before. My testimony has grown so much. Yesterday I was studying and I got into a study about gifts of the spirit. I read 1 corinthians 12-14, Doctrine and Covenants 46 and Moroni 10. They list all of them and their purposes. Very eye opening. We all have our strenghts and weaknesses. If we want to overcome weaknesses we try for a gift of the spirit that helps us come out of that. I read my patriarchial blessing after. In 1 corinthians 13:13 I think? it says charity is the greatest of all. After reading that and my blessing I am so glad that heavenly father gave that to me. Now I just feel I want to enhance it so much more. Right now I'm really trying hard to be as humble and loving to others as possible. I see that helping me now more than anything. Gave my last talk on sunday and I decided to talk about prayer. To end it I talked about my experience in the temple when the spirit whispered to me "i love you and i will protect you", after I shared how that same day my dad had prayed for comfort about his mothers recent passing. After the spirit led him to the scriptures for his answer. I'm really glad I get to stay with Elda Bacon. We get along so well. We're buds fo-sho. I LIKE HIM A LOT. (dumb and dumber accent) So with the new area happening I'm again praying for help learning an area, join me if you would. Anyways sorry if this ones devoid of lots of stories but luckily you'll be hearing from me every week again. And..... I'll be eating meat! gain weight? anyways love you all and thank you so much for writing and everything.

Elda Sia

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