Monday, January 16, 2012

Memories of Gaua

                                                      Baptism of Jeremy and Dustin
                                                   Me with District President Ian Mahit

                                            Norbert with his white spot medication and buffness

                                                       Vincent climbing for coconuts
                                                  Clearing the ground for the new chapel

 We bought 8 kilos of meat, put it in a cooler and preserved it with salt.  It worked!  We ate meat until we left....

                                                               Me, feeding  a cow bananas

                                                             Joji, Vincent and Nixon
                                                                  Mashing breadfruit
                                    Getting some natural spring water on our hike to the lake

                                         Swinging on a vine  at the lake-  not into the lake, haha
                                                  Our investigator Josef and his daughter

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