Sunday, January 22, 2012

It just gets better and better- news from Etas

 I Olraet?

This area is awesome! Busy. Very big. The best part is the members.
They're really strong and they like to help. Our branch mission leader
is great too. Also a RM who finished right when I got into Fiji, Esron
Vano moved into blacksands and is going to church with us. He's like
the legend from the mission. He's from PaamaVanuatu. The youth are
the best. We haven't had a single lesson without a member present yet
haha. They love to follow us, sometimes in groups. We had 2 baptisms
this week, Gidimo, and Carlos. They're both really awesome. I did
Gidimo's and a prospective missionary did Carlos's. After Freddy
baptised him he said "Welcome to Zion" haha awesome. I like my new
companion Elda Whitney a lot. He's from Brisbane, Australia. We get
along really well. Elda Anderson just got here yesterday. 
 So this week was really good lesson wise. I've
surpassed it number wise before but every lesson was really good. Elda
Whitney and I had a good flow going. Also we got better at making them
discussions, not lectures. We contacted some referrals and received
some as well. 13 new investigators this week. We went and taught a man
named Roger and his wife Candy and his mom. We taught the restoration
and it went really well. Before they had come and found us on the road to
ask us questions. They asked us some interesting ones but it ended up
really well. At the end his brother, lorenzo came over skeptical. He
started asking us questions about heaven and hell and paradise. We
explained that it would take a bit to explain if they were willing.
After explaining everything and sharing some verses with him he was
confounded for lack of another term. He was on the offensive but we
just followed the spirit and shared truth. The spirit is amazing. All
the lessons have been really good. Lily and Suzana, 2 we contacted
were so nice and want us to come a lot more. It's so nice here. Because
of the help we don't have to do our own street contacting as much. We
just get referrals of people the members know are good. The house is
small but has everything I need. Ice box microwave and hot shower!!!
Sorry for the withdrawals, I bought a new set of scriptures and bought
them not in combo form. We walked up to rango rango this week. Took
just about 3 hours and we didn't find our appointment at the house or
any of our backups. It was scenic though. It's up on a mountain and
very rain foresty with big pastures at the bottom of it. Also had some
natural springs that I drank from. 150 people came to church
yesterday! So awesome. I taught elders quorum because the teacher
didn't show up. Anyways, random ,but it was a good week! Thanks for all
the packages! I felt really loved opening them. Thank you so much for
the support. Love you all.

Elda Sias


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