Monday, September 26, 2011

It's a small world...

Vince and Michelle,

I listen in on the LDSMMPacific group. I'm excited to see your post today! Our son, Jacob is in the Fiji Suva mission, speaking Fijian. He's been out just over a year, and has been in Suva, along with a few small towns (Kuku and Sigatoka) on the main Island of Fiji. 

For Michelle, your husband was my fellow-shipper and best friend when my family first joined the church in Carpinteria. I actually knew him a little bit from the Presbyterian Community Church there, but when his family joined the church, he "disappeared" for a while. It was funny to see him at the "Mormon" church in Santa Barbara the first time I went, and think, "oh, of course, that's why I haven't seen him a the Community Church for a while!"

Jacob is our youngest. His big brother went to Washington, and I was grateful that we got eased into the "distance" aspect of them being so far away. Fiji still seems so far to me (even though I went to New Zealand on my mission). Vanuatu is pretty remote--even compared to Fiji. Bless you guys for being able to do that with your first.

I like to sail, and one of the sailing magazines I used to get had an article from a couple that visited Vanuatu. They talked about Bislama, and how a lot of it is based in English. One of the funniest Bislamic words they encountered was the word for pianos. Roughly translated it was "a big fellow box, it has teeth, some are white, some are black, you bang on it, it sings".

Fun to see you guys online. Vince has always been one of my heroes. Good luck with whole Vanuatu experience. 

--Dave Duncan

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