Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Our First P Day!

Fyi my P day is tuesday haha I didn't forget to write yesterday. Well I'll be honest I've been missing you sooo much. I couldn't read your notes that you gave me before I came till now. Haha dad the coneheads reference brightened my day. If only anyone here understood that. Glad to hear the Tigers are puttin in work. Make sure they don't play TOO well I don't want to miss any championships. I liked the my dog skip analogy to grandpa. You were so patient with him I admire that. Thats so awesome look at you MR. HIGH PRIEST. Well right back at ya call me zone leader sears haha not really just elder sears but we are zone leaders over 3 districts now. It's fun we get to welcome the international missionaries. Mom, thank you so much for the letters. I can tell your missing me as much as I'm missing you haha. So I can't get new music on my ipod or anything but we can't listen to it here anyways. Thanks for the package! I haven't had time to open it yet its so busy here haha. PS SEND MORE TIES don't be stingy sending them haha. Oh yeah and thank grandy for the letter too! haha sierra your the best your letters keep me up with what your doing and all of your letters make me cry a little. Even now a little. I'm glad to be here though. I couldn't leave you guys without the help of our loving heavenly father. I've gotten so much help and reassurance through prayer. Pray more SINCERELY, your life will be blessed so much. So we've been practicing teachign lessons to fake investigators with scenarios. Yesterday we taught a real investigator with his problems. I prayed the night before to have the spirit to help me teach. Without that what your saying won't sink in and touch them. I also prayed to convey why I'm here and what I enjoy. Helping others and charity. Thats all we talked about with jose. I shared personal stories and found and read scriptures I didn't even know haha. I also talked to him about his hurt ankle and paralleled it to your knee, dad. I shared Mosiah 4:9. Read that. I've also seen my buddy elder metcalf a few times and we always give each other the biggest hug ever haha. The food is pretty dang good I'm excited to weigh myself. I don't know if I told yo but there are 2 other elders going to vanuatu in my district. (3 of the 30 to be in vanuatu, 10% haha) I have some way cool new friends here. Elder scott and harper are from georgia and australia. I play basketball with them a lot and talk music a little haha. I feel pretty good about myself when I ball here haha. They call me "Ray allen". Our district has 4 pairs of elders and 2 pairs of sisters and we're really close and strong. I don't see any of us not making it. I've been blessed with a great companion we get along so well. We both have the strong desire to get better. I've learned SO much here in less than a week technically. Sierra that translation of my name is so awesome!!! I shared it with my bretheren. I'm sorry you have to be the lone child but you do have good friends like you said. If you ever feel alone pray to your heavenly father he wants to help you. We'll all be blessed during this 2 year period. It's incredible in here I really love it everyone is so nice and our hearts are in the right place and we just want to learn so badly. I hope you know I love all you SO SO much and I think about you every day. This scripture put it into perspective for me though. 1 corinthians 13:11. Anyways I better go but just know I love it here and that our heavenly father loves us so much. I know this church is true and that it changes lives. I'm so excited to be able to help people come to christ and feel the love that I've felt.     
Love, your son,
Elder Sears

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