Monday, July 18, 2011


Hello family!

All my letters are always unorganized but hope they suffice. Man my english is already slipping. This is the first time I've talked in english for a good while. It's amazing what the lord can help you accomplish. I don't have the language fully down but I can now get my point across and teach. I just need to learn some formalities but because of my prayers and yours I've made some big strides. So right now I just made my first exchange(s). On saturday Elder Fotukava (of tonga) came and we worked together. He is really cool, we had a lot of fun and taught some good lessons. Yesterday I had Elder Namariel (Of tanna - Vanuatu) He's so funny. It's so crazy how much there is to learn here. I feel like I've learned so much in such a short time and I have 100x more to learn in the other 23 months of my mission haha. Yesterday was pretty crazy. I gave my 1st talk. I chose the topic of endure to the end. I shared the incredible story of Job and after shared Mosiah 2:41, It is so true. I love the members here. Especially in Palon. Our house in Palon is on the land of one of the members named AMMON. On his grounds it has a huge grass field, our house, his, and the church, he donated it. He has a brother named clement who is so awesome. He served a 4 year mission. Here they have district missionaries. They are missionaries who serve in vanuatu until they get their call or visa. So this upcoming saturday will be my 1st baptism! We have 3 and I will step into the water for the 1st time since my own baptism. I am so excited. When I think about our investigators who have chosen to get baptized I'm SO happy but it can't compare to how happy our heavenly father is. Last night I participated and witnessed my 2nd miraculous blessing. One of the Elders with us got really sick and was shaking and in horrible pain. We all came to him and a blessing was given. He stopped shaking immidiately after and got up and hugged us. The priesthood is so amazing. It truly is acting in behalf of heavenly father. As far as teaching it's going really well. We have a lot of investigators. I love this work, It is so important. It's like our mission scripture, 3 nephi 5:13. So here in Vanuatu there are 22 missionaries but by september we will get 18 new ones. I will train in august or september, haha I need to learn quick. As far as sports I've played soccer, basketball, and volleyball a lot. Basketball every P day soccer in palon, and volleyball a few nights a week in fanafo. I wish I could summon the powers of vintage vince sears and be good at volleyball haha, they are really good. It's so weird how I have changed foodwise. I love lap lap, It has manyoak if thats how you spell it and 'islang cabbage' (basically leaves). They have a fruit here called bablimus, it is so good I eat like 2 a day, it's taken the place of candy haha. I also tried flying fox for the 1st time. They get a slingshot and a flashlight and stone one while their flying around at night. I eat lots of rice and the only meat I eat is tuna or tin fish which is intact fish in ketchup haha. Anyways thank you so much for your prayers in my behalf. I'll keep em coming your way too. Love you lots!
Elda Sia

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