Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More from the MTC

     Great to keep getting your dear elders every day. It lifts my spirits. Soon as I'm in Vanuatu our letters will be much more rare haha. Hope you don't mind if i don't reply to every question because I don't have much time and I'd have to read through every letter. So I just opened your package haha. FYI we can't get them till the next day usually. I love everything in there and I ate my brown sludge haha. So I'm down to a few days! I report at 1:30 pm and my flights at like 5. After that we fly to LAX and have a 6 hour layover haha. Luckily I'll be with 2 of my good friends elder frei and potrie also going to Vanuatu. After that the 16 hour flight to nadi, fiji begins. When we arrive we will be greeted by our mission president and meet our trainers. SO excited! I start my anti malaryia meds today haha. So my stay here at the MTC is short but I've loved it so much. I love my companion and my district. I also enjoyed being zone leader and helping out everyone, mostly the new district. Yesterday I got a good compliment from sister lewis from the new district. She said she noticed a "goodness" about me. That made me feel pretty good, hopefully the ni-vanuatu agree haha. So while I've been here I met an elder from vanuatu! He was the most awesome guy ever! He said everyone will want to listen and have you over. He also showed us the handshake they do there. Its the coolest thing ever haha. On the business side could you reload my debit card before I leave back to $100? I've had to buy a few things. I feel really blessed here though. The first day or two I missed you guys so much. I still do but I'm able to focus now. The lord has helped me out so much. So the other day I played my last game of basketball for 2 years! I miss it already haha. I also just read an e mail from Anziano Larsen! It made my day it's so crazy we'll be so far away from each other. I feel like my testimony has grown here so much. We have the best message/news anyone could ever recieve. Christ's true church has been restored and it's on the earth! What a blessing! I cannot wait to love the ni-vanuatu and share these wonderful things I know. FYI i hugged my companion for you mom haha. It was a hug by proxy haha. Thank you for your letters though really. I love reading them and keeping track of what your up to. Mom I really liked what you said about we love you and miss you but don't let us be a distraction. Thats so true I'm out here to serve the lord and people are being prepared for me even now. I've ran into a few people I know here. Most notably my friend austin or Elder Metcalf. We took a pic together and we're planning on meeting tomorrow night before bed to say our goodbyes. There's an elder in the new district named elder collett. He's having a really hard time with homesickness. I've been trying to help him as much as I can. He's a great guy and I think he'll make it. I love teaching. It's so fun. Especially when your worthy to have the spirit as your companion. I've learned how to be a really good listener and to really focus in on their concerns. Being able to help these people is my biggest joy. Anyways I'm running out of time so family I love you very much. I would invite you to pray often. I pray so much more since I've been here. When you do you have the spirit with you to guide you. Also read your scriptures. They are the word of god for us to guide us back to live in his presence. I know you already do but the more you devote yourself you'll notice a huge difference. I pray for all of you and I love you very much.
Elder Sears

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