Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kittens and Piggies and Spiders , Oh My!

Hello famle,

Alright where do I start? Well first of all I love it here. My companion/trainer is Elder Mafi. (Papa blong mi, I'm his pikinini haha) He's awesome. He's from tonga/ australia and we get along gloriously. We both love everything basketball. I do have electricity and water sometimes haha. The water is collected from the rain in a tank and filtered. The shower drips out cold water haha. So the language is pretty hard not gonna lie. It's hard because the ni-vans talk hurriup tumas (very fast) and blend 3 or 4 words together. I'm getting better and better each day though. The 2nd day I said alright, NO more english. Thats helped a lot. I don't speak english anymore unless I don't know a word. I said fiji was beautiful but vanuatu's better haha. It really is 'the bush' or jungle here. All huts and sheet metal houses. Tons of naked kids running around haha. They love the missionaries here they all latch onto my arms.The people are so nice even if I understand half of what their saying to me. I'm already less picky haha. The first day or two I was so hungry because I ran out of goodies you gave me and I didn't want to venture into uncharted territory. Now I eat everything I'm given. The food is quite bland. I mostly eat tarro and lap lap. Basically their form of potatoes. It all comes from their gardens. I haven't had much meat. So There are animals here everywhere. They just run around and come inside peoples houses all the time. In a day I'll see about 8 dogs and puppies and lots of kittens ,TONS of chickens cows, goats, pigs everything just wandering around. They think I'm weird because I pet the kittens. In all honesty they eat the cats and dogs here. Who knows what I ate the other day. On the wildlife subject the spiders here are HUGE. Thats the ONLY thing I don't like here. We'll see if I adjust. When we go through the 'bush' or jungle they are everywhere. I told a small girl that I was afraid of them and she kept grabbing them and bringing them to me. I'll keep it to myself from now on. I had my first authentic coconut also. So good. Closest I'll get to candy here. I crave candy and fast food a lot haha. I've been having one almost every day and eating the insides also. It's so laid back here. We get up study get ready and go out at 1130 and come back around 6 to 7 because when it gets dark it's bedtime. Everyone goes to bed at like 8 at the latest and rises early. At the end of every day they play volleyball. There are nets set up in the middle of most villages. We play a lot on the way home haha. Its funny here small talk isn't about the weather its about the mud and how soft/hard it is. It's rainy season so they all lament over 'sof mud'. I like it personally I take my sandals off out of necessity and get super muddy. My shirts are going to be so trashed. They  kinda already are. I really love it here, just need to get better speaking the language. It's funny I'm such a novelty here. I'll be walking and a bunch of small kids will yell "waet man" haha. Yesterday we watched the other side of heaven after church and I relate so much. It's so close to my experience so far. I just can't wait till I can be an effective teacher and bring others unto christ. I've been reading Jesus the Christ a lot. It's an amazing book you learn a lot. I reccomend it if you haven't read it already. It helped me realize we teach lots of things and know a lot but at the end of the day it's all centered in christ. The church here is great. It's some logs with a tarp over it and a bunch of chairs and a homemade podium. Lots of people come though about 75 on sunday. I'm getting a new tag made in bislama. It will read Elda Sia haha. The other day we had a guy named felise come with us to teach. He's 18 and a recent convert. We all taught together and after he started shaking and shivering really bad from a fever he didn't tell us about. We gave him a blessing and about 2 minutes later he was still and healed. Priesthood power. Alright gotta go I'm going to try to send you some pictures. I love you very much and pray for you every day. Endure to the end.

Your son,
Elder Sears
Elda Sia
Jansen Sears

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