Sunday, December 23, 2012

As for Elder Watch and I, We're just dandy....

Dearest Family,

I got the first package! It was nice. Lolly packed. I especially enjoyed the Narration of Charlie Brown you guys did. . How are you guys? Hows real Christmas? haha. Everythings good here. We're in charge of planning Christmas for us 18 missionaries here on Efate island. It'll be fun. Thanks for all the pictures too. I love seeing pictures. Sierra is unrecognisable, really. Do I look any different? So I heard indirectly sierra got her patriarchical blessing through Elder Yunacks letter. Thats so great. I would really like to hear about that. So as for Elder Watch and I we're just dandy. He's a fun guy. We're a good combo. He's a super multitasker and sometimes go here go there worrier type. As for me I'm sure you remember that one time I was described as "laid back to a flaw" haha. We're a good balance. We LOVE our area. Erakor is an awesome branch. Lots of work to be done. Lots of Reactivation. There are SO many less actives. That's the branch's biggest need. Any advice, stories, experiences, scriptures, etc. on that topic? I really like working with Less actives. It's a long/rewarding work. They still have a testimony. You just have to help them remember. In response to this work President Brewer said read every verse out of the Topical Guide under LOVE. That is so true. People can tell so easily if you really care about them or if you're there just to do work. We've been working with a family of members here. They're all members in the family. The dad is the 1st councelor in the Elder quorum. Only the mom still comes. We were teaching 2 recent convert girls in another yard when we found Alan, 9 yrs. from that family. We were able to start teaching him and his whole family were joining all the lessons until today. Yesterday when we got there we found Alan and his mom there waiting on time for the appointment. We found them having a discussion about repentance, the last principle we shared with him. The parents love us coming and everyone see's Alan learning and that it's helping him. His mom, Anna gave a heartfelt testimony that the church is true. The dad, Freddy really likes us. He has high respect for us and always walks us back to the truck. He'll ask," when are you guys coming back?" It's going slowly but I know they'll come back. Also enjoying teaching Maksai and Tuman. They're great. He's really interested in Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. They want to change so badly. I can't wait for tomorrow when we get to teach one of my favorite things to teach: the Plan of Salvation. I wish we could be in our area more. Being a Zone Leader is good but lots of extra stuff. We're trying best to serve all our missionaries. We're well liked because we never say no haha. We get some pretty funny requests but gotta do it to keep em happy. We're planning lots of stuff like Christmas, Zone Conference, a fireside, activities for the branch, and A trip to Solomon in February. Crazy. Trying best to manage our time well. Still enjoying my studies as always. I've been thinking a lot about applying to BYU. Elder Arnett here is trying to talk me into BYU Hawaii haha. I really enjoyed this last conference reading it all the way through in the Ensign. We are so blessed to have Prophets and Apostles. I really liked "Beware of yourselves" and "The First Commandment". I love studying. The mission has taught me just to study the scriptures but to LOVE them. I really do. They are a TREASURED possesion. I know my life will get busy when I get back but one thing will help me to grow and progress spiritually even if I'm no longer on the mission. Daily scripture study. I have to be disciplined and not miss. I don't want to grow complacent. I want to always be progressing, learning and becoming better. I want to serve others and learn more and more the meaning of Charity. It'll be hard but it's what I want. Anyways that whats on my thoughts, random. Thanks for all you do. Love you guys.

Elder Sears

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