Friday, January 4, 2013

Famle blong mi,

Thanks for the letters. I always appreciate them. Sounds like you guys had a fun Christmas with the family/and the Bacon's. I'm so excited to see all of them again. All the Sears/Donovan clan. My Christmas was pretty good. My favorite part was our Erakor branch activity. We went to Eton beach and had lots of food + fun. It had great attendance! 77 came to the activity 45 came to sacrament meeting the next day, haha. We're trying our best to help this branch. Right now missionaries in this mission have an interesting role. We are missionaries/branch strengtheners. We're spending lots of time with the members trying to encourage them and help them in their callings. One change we made was where the Elders quorum and Relief society were meeting. All the papa's were inside under the shelter and the mama's were outside where rain has come before and sun. In branch counsel our idea was put into place. The last 2 sundays we've switched. Also the start time was changed to a time more suitable for here. Last sunday I was happy to see some less actives we're working with come. We're preparing a child of record baptism for a boy named Alan. His family is half active. We've been going at least twice a week and teaching him with his whole family and the recent converts who live in that area. It's made a good impact on them and we're liked around there (Erakor Bridge area). This time of year can be hard for missionary work with Christmas + New Years today. People are busy and...... occupied. . I feel a little dormant. I MISS serving on the "island". Outside of town and other missionaries. I hope I'll get a last area after this one. Zone Conference is this week. We've been doing lots of planning for it. This will be a hectic week. I'm excited to see what President Brewers comments and vision is for us. I'm enjoying The Miracle of Forgiveness, such a good book. Anyways hopefully next time I'll have better stuff for you guys. Love you all.

Elder Sears

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