Friday, November 2, 2012

Transferred to Erakor

Famle Sears,

Whats up? Hello from Port Vila, Vanuatu. The freshest news I have is that I'll be transferring. I'll be leaving Etas this week and I'll be transferring to........ Still Vila! But now I'll be looking after Erakor - Branch, Panganisu - New Branch, and Nmuna (Small island across from panganisu, it's a Unit). I've been called as Zone Leader of the Port Vila Zone. I'll be serving with Elder Watch. He's a large fellow from New Zealand. He's a big teddy bear. I'm really excited to serve with him. That means my companions, Elder Samuel and Iati will be in Etas. Elder Samuel will be the District Leader and take over training Elder Iati (what I've been hoping for). I'm excited, it'll be interesting. Both of us are new at Zone Leader (usually one is there to train the other one). Uh.... what do I do? It'll be fun though.  Now we 2 can just focus on the work. Zone Conference for us just passed. All the missionaries from Efate island and Tanna came together (34 missionaries). Including Elder Bacon :). We had some good chats as always. He's the best. Sister Brewer, President's wife noticed our strong friendship. Elder Bacon told her all about it and how both families had gotten involved. She described it as a "tender mercy" of the Lord. I gave a training about "how to begin teaching" out of Preach my Gospel. I used the story of Ammon/King Lamoni. It demonstrates perfectly how to win trust through example before even teaching someone. I love how Ammon taught King Lamoni in Alma 18. It's was totally according to his needs. It's helped my teaching a lot. President Brewer is the best. He gives some awesome talks. He makes everything super intense. He refers to mountains a lot and love. So how is the family doing? Are you guys having Family Home Evening? Family Prayer? Scripture Study? (now I know). I hope so. I'm excited to be with my own family again. I wonder if I'll be weird at all when I get back? haha I hope not. I hope my english won't be goofy. If it weren't for Elder Bacon it for sure would be. I saw you replied about my comment about feeling like not having a personality. Sad but true. I don't know what it is. I can recall before the mish I was one of the jokers in the group with my friends. I feel like I'm a tad serious and not funny anymore :/ I hope Elder Watch will resurrect Jansen. Any advice on being more lighthearted? Sorry I keep forgetting to write down stuff for good stories in the E mails. Sierra's picture's were..... interesting, haha. The other day we were eating and I caught a glimpse of Terminator. I was legitimately scared. I felt uncomfortable haha. I'm weird now. Anyways sorry about the lame e mail. I'll try to lighten up and give some cool/funny stories next week. Thanks so much for all you guys do. Continue with your prayers and scripture study daily. PS plan some bomb stuff we can do when I get back. It'll be fast. I want to go out with a bang. I feel I have so much I want to accomplish but haven't gotten there yet.  Petal to the Metal! Anyways love you all. Pray for me and I'll pray for you. Have a close relationship with Heavenly Father. I'm striving for it. Tell me what your learning in you studies and I'll tell ya'lls. PS sierra never answered that e mail forever ago about her favorite scriptures etc. I want that ASAP sierra!


Elder Sears

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