Monday, April 15, 2013

Diligent study time....

NOTE: this is the letter i wrote last week. i finished it and the internet stopped working. this is 2/3 of the letter, the rest wasn't saved. sorry :/

Dear Family,

Thanks for the letters! Sounds like general conference was epic! so bummed i missed it. Hopefully i get to watch it next month when we go to zone conference in santo. general conference is so awesome. it's kind of funny, here in tuluwe i've read EVERYTHING. Every book or magazine of any kind i've finished. We have lots of time to study. An unchangeable part of the culture here is working in the garden. Every day from about 7 in the morning till 5 in the afternoon every village here is deserted. completely quiet. you can walk around all day and see one person if you're lucky. work is fine when you have an appointment, if not.... hmmm. sometimes we try our faith and walk around looking for peeps but we usually see no one. most teaching has to be done in the afternoon hours.
On my mission i've accuired a love of reading. if i'm not working i'm constantly reading talks, books, or the scriptures. Dilligent study has become a lifeline for me. I plan to use this to help me always be strong and to have the spirit with me no matter how busy i might get. i reccomend a GREAT talk by Dallin H. Oaks called 'Revelation'. it's from 1981 i think when he was a chief justice, not yet an apostle. You can find in in BYU speeches.
Ok, now i'll answer all inquiries i saw in your letters.
release date - they are aiming for june 4th. my travel/tickets haven't come through yet but should this week.
my slcc number - no idea! sorry.
slcc in august - i guess that's ok since we might be traveling a bit and i'll work and save money.
please contact: cynthia arnett 1(928) 2428296 and find out all details for byu hawaii, she's elder arnett's mom

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