Monday, October 15, 2012

Custom Ceremony on Paama

Etas. Another week. Still trying our absolute hardest but having a
little bit of a hard time. Still trying to figure out what or who we
can help out here. Still working closely with our branch president.
Unfortunately nothing too special this week. No incidents. Lots of
people blocking us or our investigators though. I feel pretty anxious.
Only 8ish months left! So short! I figure I could have probably 2 more
areas. My next one I'm pretty sure about. Vila is good but it can't
beat island life. I've enjoyed talking to a lot of my recent converts
from Gaua. I've called them and chatted for a bit and encouraged them.
I'm glad to report they're all doing great. Trying to think of some
stories to tell. Ok here's an interesting one. I spent a good while
chatting with some of the members from Paama island. I got to know
Custom more. Custom is different on every island. They usually involve
families. They happen when a child is born, when he first shaves,
marries, and dies. Girls also have theirs. This week they did one for
a girl in our area. This girl, 14 stood amidst 50 men from Tanna. 50
men from Paama on the other side. All had tree branches from banana.
(not our bananas, different kind) The branch isn't wood, it's more
like rubbery. They stand up on 2 sides and face each other. They start
a fire in the middle. Once it dies out, attack! They bop each other on
the head and club each other and try to pull out a feather on the
girls head. (almost capture the flag) They can do damage though. They
all beat each other senseless and no one got the feather. One of the
members, a mama got caught in the middle of it by accident. She got
completely covered in her food she was making. If we came during that
time we would have gotten bopped and couldn't have said a thing haha.
Believe me, there's some good one's. Good old custom. Anyways,
hopefully next week will be better work and story wise. Havin a little
bit of a hard time but still trying my best. Still learning a lot and
enjoying my studies. I hope you guys are studying every day. From what
I heard you guys are. Anyways thats all for today. Love you guys.
Thanks so much for everything.

Elder Sears

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