Monday, September 3, 2012

Dear Family,

Olsem Wanem? How are things in the states? How's the ward? I'm pretty good here. So one of my 2 current companions, Elder Kalomtak will be going to Australia fairly soon after being approved for his visa. I really liked serving with him. He's from this island I'm serving on, Efate. So it will still be Elder Samuel and I. He's a great guy. He's really short so we look pretty funny together. Especially when he wears my clothes haha. So same old same old here in Etas. Still trying to find  people ready to hear the gospel. I think I'm here to learn long suffering. Being here has made my try a whole lot of ideas I've never tried and be aware of lots of things. I feel I'll be a better missionary because of it. We're still trying with S + E, and m. All I want to see is them get baptised. They are so great. This week we got to contact and teach a man named Abel. He is from Gaua. I baptised his dad and 2 siblings and recently his mom and 2 other brothers joined the church. I was friends with him before on Gaua before he left to go work construction. He saw all his family joining the church and he also had the desire. He asked for his phone number to be passed to me because he heard I happened to be working in the area. We taught him and 3 other guys working on building a small school. They're all from gaua AKA awesome. This week we also had a fun service. We went to pango (where elder kalomtak is from) and filled up rice bags with coral and sand. We filled up the whole truck bed and did 2 trips for sam and lenet. It was good visiting all of our recent converts and some less actives this week as well. I'd say the highlight of my week was on sunday. It was raining super bad. Our area here in Etas is notorious for mud. There's no pavement so it's total mud roads. When it rains it gets huge muddy pools and slick sludge. On sunday morning it was the worst. When I got to church I saw Samantha and Rota, 2 of my recent converts. They're 2 girls age 9 and 14. I was glad to see the sacrifice they had  made that a lot of the other members hadn't. Sorry, probably not the best letter. Everythings good. I've been praying a lot for s,e, and m and to be able to find success here. I'm trying my hardest. Hope you guys are well. I always love hearing from you . I enjoy the pictures as well.  Love you!

Elder Sears

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