Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Good bye to Gaua. I'm sending pics . I'll send a letter next week, but FYI, I got transferred. I'm now serving in Etas with Elder Samuel. I am District Leader.

This is Elisabeth & Jirisene.  She got married during my time with Elder Bacon.  My second time there I got to see her baby girl and baptise Elisabeth.
My last meal at Morrey's house.

My last Sunday after church.

Us with Fred and his family minus a few.

Last meal with Jeremy and his family.

Me with Louise after having a last meal with her family.  (Jeremy's sister)

The awesomest friend and branch president.  (Jansen)

Norbert & I (Family Saaky)  One of my best friends from Gaua.  I helped him fill out his mission forms last week.

Random Australian members took us to a baller place to eat.

Me at the Santo Airport inside a pigs tusk, the sign of respect and position here.

Coconut crab.  Very large and tasty.

From left to right, Fred, Elder Thomas, Bulendam, Marus, Me, Jonas, Louise

Building the church.

Sedrak was hanging upside down like a monkey while we were buidling the church house so I gave him a banana.

The church house kinda finished & Elder Hanks to visit to start seminary.

The marriage of James and Sylvie ( both in white) and Robinson and Lydian.  Performed by District President Ian Mahit from Paama.

At the airport waiting on my last day in Gaua.

Going to the island of Muna for sacrament meeting with the zone leaders.

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