Monday, March 5, 2012

A few last words.....

I'm on for one last time before I'm out at 5 tomorrow morning.

It's  Sunday night here and I got permission to send off one last e mail. First I'll answer some questions that I saw, hope I didn't miss any. We get 12,000 vatu every 2 weeks which is equivalent to 120 dollars. Food I can get access to in Gaua: Eggs - rarely, we can find them sometimes when the chickens lay them haha and they're a tad expensive but I always splurge on them when I can. Bread - Sometimes again there are 2 places I know of that make fresh bread over the fire. Pasta - Just ramen noodles. Peanut Butter - I can find it. Protein Bars - Yes I'd love some but I don't want you spend lots of money on sending packages. Thats so awesome about Max! French speaking and Canada. He's lucky his language is a useful one haha. He's a great guy and he will be a great missionary! Yeah the bumbrella was a bit of a mishap oh well haha. And rain here. Those forecasts are incorrect it rains from time to time but it's been sunny all week, just rained a bit but it's always sporadic and lasts not very long.

NOTE: One of my friends here, Roma just left for his mission on tuesday. He'll be in the Provo MTC and will be ending up in Canada spanish speaking. He will be going by Elder Yunnack. He's from Vanuatu, Blacksands branch on the island of Efate. Instead of sending me a package PLEASE give him one. Some goodies with some things you think he'd like. (uplifting things etc., maybe a letter) He's made good preparations and taught with us a lot. Also another friend of mine here will be going to serve in Minnesota, english speaking. (almost tanners mission) please send him one too. He'll be leaving Vanuatu on the 20th of march and staying in Fiji for a few days and making his way to provo. His name will be Elder George I believe.

So I'm pretty excited to go back to Gaua. I've learned I'll be serving with Elder Thomas. He's from the island of Tanna and the village of Saetsiwi. From what I've heard he's pretty boss and outgoing. I'll meet him tommorow and commence the training process again. I'm excited to go back because I obviously know the place and the people already. The people over there compared to here in town are waayyyy kinder. Also because this unit that just barely became a branch needs support. The new branch president, Jansen is a great guy but he's a recent convert.  Jansen is raw but has great potential. Tomorrow will be interesting because as of now we don't have a house haha. We can go back to our old house but after weighing it over and praying about it I feel that we need to move to a different place that we looked at before they closed Gaua. It's kind of funny though, they closed Gaua because of housing that was sub-par in living conditions and president said he wouldn't want his sons to be in a place like that. Here we are, Gaua will be open again. I asked Elder Tupou, our senior zone leader, ........ what changed that Gaua can be open now? haha he said nothing I had that thought too but I didn't say anything. Not one of the missionaries, leaders or anyone has been to Gaua before. The thing is though it's not unliveable like they make it sound. Yes, it doesn't have running water or power and it's basically a cement shelter with bamboo on the walls. But I like it. I'm excited to go back because I love Gaua and I REALLY want to be able to make a significant difference over there. It's a small branch and every baptism makes a big difference. I fasted today to be able the best trainer I can be and to be able to make a large impact over there. They need momentum and strength in the branch. Pray for me. As of late I've been totally submersed in the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon is an incredible book. It'sGod's word in it's purest. I love the awesome stories in it. As for me and my personal progress I'mcontent but not. I'm not a man of many talents. I have lots of weaknesses. Heavenly Father has helped so much and I've come a long way. I feel I've experienced a mighty change of heart. I do worry a lot about my personal weaknesses affecting the work. I don't baptise as much as a lot of the others. I am trying my best. I feel I'm almost too critical of myself and constantly evaluating myself. I guess I just need to be patient. I keep thinking about the line in my blessing that says you will see miracles on your mission. I hope my faith is strong enough to receive these sorts of things. At about 9 months on the mission I feel that I've seen some with the whole rain stopping thing twice. I'm hoping my faith is strong enough. Working on it constantly. I'm very grateful for all the sacrifices you've made for me to be able to be here. Thank you for your prayers. I think about Sierra a lot. Hows she doing? I loved hearing the story of her in the snow and her answered prayer. I regret not going to seminary as much as I should and not reading the scriptures and praying as I should have. Pray always. Find small time to read in your scriptures. Love the scriptures. Love the book of mormon. Be an example of the believers. Have fun, don't lose focus. Anyways love ya'lls.
Your son,

Elder Sears
One last thing- I just gave your e mail address to Joseph (Elder George and told him to give it to Elder Yunnack as well) I told them if they needed anything to shoot you an e mail. Help them feel loved and at home.

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