Sunday, February 5, 2012

Another really good week


Ok so this week I forgot my journal. So I don't know how great my letters gonna be. Also I spent a lot of time reading all the letters. Ok earthquake wise yeah there's been a bunch. No big ones though. The biggest one happened one night when we were sleeping. I woke up and was giddy and enjoyed the whole thing. Elda Whitney was quiet and Elda Anderson ran outside haha. I've felt quite a few this week but all small momentary ones. Our house is a ready made thing so it's not very stable so it shakes pretty well. We also had one on sunday during sunday school. It's been raining like crazy and windy as well but just barely cleared up. On some of the other islands there's some flooding going on. My best news to report this week comes from Gaua. I called Jansen last night. He was set apart as the new branch president. He was super glad to talk and the new branch is flourishing. When I first got there 20 something were coming. We got it up to 39 but he said 60-ish are coming now! Also, one of our awesome recent converts got called into the relief society presidency. Jeremy is still a stud as well. He said all of our converts are still coming and tons of our investigators as well. I didn't get to see as much success as I would have liked while being there but the fruits of Elder Bacon and my work is there. I felt so happy when I heard all of this and it was great to talk with some of my friends over there. As far as this week, another really good week. We should have had another baptism for Sam but I'm pretty sure he and I would have drowned in the ocean haha. We're teaching A LOT. Elder Warner took notice when I saw him on sunday. As far as the 3some  Elder Warner said we'll be together till next month. Oh yeah package wise. They said I had gotten a package but it was for someone else. Anyways gotta go
.Next week I'll be sure to bring my journal.

Elda Sias

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